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Why the smart approach to incentive travel is no longer just about the destination. From magazines and morning TV shows to one of the most popular rewards programs in the world, there’s a lot of talk about accumulating experiences instead of stuff. And it’s gaining just as much traction in the world of incentive travel.

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Getting attendees to the event is the first step. Keeping them engaged is the game changer. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into preparing your event or meeting, from choosing an enticing location and intriguing topics to selecting speakers who people actually want to listen to. But these days, even when attendees… Read More

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Channel & sales incentives aren’t expenses – they’re relationship and business builders. The expenses associated with offering rewards, events, and exclusive experiences for distributors and channel partners can be a daunting proposition – especially if you work with a large network and have a limited budget. But what you might be missing is the value… Read More

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What Our Clients Think

As an organization, you make our company look good by treating our customers in ways that they have never been exposed to before.

Moving to a points-based system allowed us to say we were “daring folks to dream” rather than just giving compensation.  Because the folks could pick whatever prize they wanted, including the personal shopper, we found that employees had more skin in the game; they were more invested.

Action speaks. I am confident my meetings will always go well working with Motivation Excellence. Words can’t explain how special that is to me.

What really continues to impress me is the caliber of your people and the professionalism that they bring. Once again you and your team have nailed it.

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