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There’s big benefit in motivating your average players.   You may be old enough to remember the old “We Try Harder” advertising campaign for Avis. If you’re not, here’s a two-sentence case study: Avis was the number two car rental company (behind Hertz) for years. Rather than fight it, they embraced their second-place status in… Read More

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When it comes to attracting the top tech talent, look further than your checkbook. From Silicon Valley to Washington, DC, the war for the top tech talent rages on. But in a marketplace crowded with stock options and sleep pods, how can you make your organization – and your compensation plan – stand out?

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Why relevant, tailored incentives are more meaningful than cash. Bonuses or cash incentives are supposed to be a lay-up – the easy, simple, way to encourage your salespeople, channel partners, or employees to reach their goals. But if that’s the core of your incentive program, you could be failing as you read this.

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What Our Clients Think

I know these travel experiences are working because after three years, the customers are now telling us they feel like they are a part of our family and that each year is yet another reunion.

As an organization, you make our company look good by treating our customers in ways that they have never been exposed to before.

Moving to a points-based system allowed us to say we were “daring folks to dream” rather than just giving compensation.  Because the folks could pick whatever prize they wanted, including the personal shopper, we found that employees had more skin in the game; they were more invested.

Action speaks. I am confident my meetings will always go well working with Motivation Excellence. Words can’t explain how special that is to me.

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