Performance by Design ®

At Motivation Excellence, we don’t believe that simple ‘technology plays’ or other ‘off-the-shelf’ packaged engagement solutions can deliver maximum results, because we understand that no two organizations have the same challenges or strategic goals.

Your business is unique, and that’s why we approach each organization individually. We use our 30+ years of expertise to effectively design and deploy sales incentives, recognition programs, and performance management solutions in order to become your competitive advantage.


Our Performance by Design® approach is a collaborative discovery process that enables our team to better understand your specific challenges and target audience, and identify opportunities to positively impact your business mandates.


Not only does our team carefully examine your past, current, and forecasted data, but we will also take a look at industry potential. We integrate a wealth of data into the design and foundation of each program we create, so that your organization can maximize the emotional connection between program participants and your brand.

3Program Design

After our analysis is complete, we will develop a program recommendation for your unique business goals. Our team provides rules structures, creative marketing, performance management, impactful rewards options, and strategic support along the way.


Once a program is designed and implemented, Motivation Excellence benchmarks your program’s success by measuring, analyzing, monitoring, and communicating performance metrics (including program ROI) back to you and your team. We will communicate on an ongoing basis to ensure your organization’s goals and directives are achieved.

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