We understand that in order to maximize the participant experience and program engagement, the right mix of rewards is necessary to motivate and excite your people. The Motivation Excellence Merchandise Award  offering is a reward-focused merchandise selection to support your participants’ achievements. We consistently promote the newest and most desirable employee rewards to program participants.

A vast, highly desirable merchandise reward selection must be offered in order to motivate your audience to achieve the level of performance that you expect. The brand or name recognition of the award, the experience of “earning” it, and its lasting value all play into how the participant views the company who awarded it – you.

Our reward buyers have the knowledge and experience to ensure that only vendors who understand the special requirements of our industry are included in our award offerings. All online orders are placed through our secure online catalog. Participant information is tracked through our proprietary point bank management system and handled through multiple levels of security. A security certificate is prominently displayed on the site for those uneasy with online transactions.

Motivation Excellence makes doing business easy. We are fully vested in making sure your participants have a great experience every time they utilize the online reward catalog. We assign team members to your account; they work with your participants on a regular basis so they get to know them personally.

Our employee rewards include a wide variety of redemption choices including:

  • Wide range of name-brand online merchandise items for all redemption levels
  • Gift Cards
  • Personal Shopper Service
  • Travel Certificates
  • Group Travel Experiences

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