Our Philosophy: Gold Star Service

Remember that gold star sticker you would get, or always wanted to get, when you were a kid in school? This was the recognition of your effort, and the reward for your hard work.

Exceptional effort is at the core of every relationship at Motivation Excellence. We put our very best into everything we do, whether it is designing a program for maximum return on investment, selecting the best site for your travel award or meeting, or providing exceptional customer service that really knows your program and participants.

We have gathered the top talent in the industry from leading performance improvement and travel companies, ensuring that every client benefits from the very best resources available. Combined, our program development staff has decades of experience in creating predictable incentive and employee programs that drive measurable results.

This is why we’re confident in the recommendations we design specifically for our clients and their goals. We don’t just respond to your request with an “off the shelf” solution; we anticipate possible problems and consider alternatives that will create a better outcome. Then we work with you to create the best solution. That is how we provide “Thought Leadership.”

Regardless of a program’s size or budget, we are passionate about delivering unsurpassed service and exceeding your expectations. Your risk is minimized because we carefully design and measure the success of every program from implementation through completion.

Setting these high expectations for ourselves leads to superior service and long, successful relationships with our clients. After all, that’s where the gold star in our logo comes from – our clients.

Gregory A. Lewis
Founder, Motivation Excellence