Improving Retail Lead Generation through Training & Game Cards

Are you struggling with your in-store lead generation volume? You’re not alone. Not long ago, a large retail brand was seeing a slump in their in-store leads. They were focused on their home services department, where they wanted store associates to start up conversations with customers regarding their home service needs (we’ve all been on… Read More

Why Cash Incentives Fail

Your program participants (your salespeople, your channel partners, your employees!) are at the heart of your business, and having an effective engagement strategy to motivate them is critical. Many companies continue to provide their top performers with cash incentives (bonuses) in recognition of their hard work, with the assumption that these employees will spend these… Read More

Employee Recognition: Proving Value & Potential ROI

In order to provide value to your employees and increase your business value at the same time, you’ll need to find a program that uniquely rewards while growing worker motivation at the same time. Pay and benefits packages are what initially attract talent to your organization, but incentives & recognition are what will retain them. Read More