How to Show Your Channel Partners Some Love

Put the “partner” back in channel partnership with smarter engagement. Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? It applies to a lot of scenarios, but as a distributor, dealer, or manufacturer, it particularly rings true for you: in short, you get up to 80% of your business from 20% of your customers and partners. So, whether… Read More

Give Your “B” Team the “A” Team Treatment

There’s big benefit in motivating your average players.   You may be old enough to remember the old “We Try Harder” advertising campaign for Avis. If you’re not, here’s a two-sentence case study: Avis was the number two car rental company (behind Hertz) for years. Rather than fight it, they embraced their second-place status in… Read More

Technically Speaking, It’s Not About Money

When it comes to attracting the top tech talent, look further than your checkbook. From Silicon Valley to Washington, DC, the war for the top tech talent rages on. But in a marketplace crowded with stock options and sleep pods, how can you make your organization – and your compensation plan – stand out?

It’s Not a Trip; It’s An Experience

Why the smart approach to incentive travel is no longer just about the destination. From magazines and morning TV shows to one of the most popular rewards programs in the world, there’s a lot of talk about accumulating experiences instead of stuff. And it’s gaining just as much traction in the world of incentive travel.

You’re Not Spending, You’re Investing

Channel & sales incentives aren’t expenses – they’re relationship and business builders. The expenses associated with offering rewards, events, and exclusive experiences for distributors and channel partners can be a daunting proposition – especially if you work with a large network and have a limited budget. But what you might be missing is the value… Read More

What You Need to Know to Get Started With Channel Incentives

As distributors and channel partners, you understand the importance – and challenges – of cultivating strong relationships. Keeping your partners motivated and aligned with your desired outcomes is a perpetual task, and without robust channel partnerships, your products are literally going nowhere. So how do you engage and encourage your channel partners, get them focused… Read More

Why Sales Incentives Work

If you have a sales team of any kind, chances are you’ve implemented some sort of incentive or bonus plan to motivate them. Whether it was cash based (commissions, bonuses, etc.), or non-cash based (trips, prizes, points, or other awards), sales incentives play a large role in the way we motivate our  teams. The type… Read More